Transition Town Northampton Film Festival

On Saturday 28 October, Transition Town Northampton present their first film festival, screening two documentaries that highlight global climate change. There will be a debate after the first film, followed by a break.

Transition is a national movement that aims to transform the community to make it more self-reliant and sustainable.

From Oscar-winning director Luc JacquetIce And The Sky at 12pm tells the story of Claude Lorius who set out to study the icescapes of Antarctica in 1957. John Shenk’s film The Island President at 3.30pm follows President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives as he confronts the problem of rising sea levels, battling for the very survival of his country.

Adult tickets are £2.50 per film, and children are free. Film tickets include entry to the debate, please click here to reserve your seat.   

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