Parent & Baby screenings at Errol Flynn Filmhouse


Our exclusive screenings for parents and guardians of children under one allow them the chance to catch up on the latest movies with their baby in a safe and sympathetic environment, without the worry of causing a disturbance. 

The first of these screenings will be captivating jazz age drama The Great Gatsby, on Monday 8 July at 11am. F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel has been adapted for the big screen by Baz Luhrmann and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the rich, charming and ultimately dangerous Jay Gatsby alongside Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. 

In just a fortnight’s time, the next Parent And Baby screening will be Joss Whedon’s beautiful new black and white version of Much Ado About Nothing, which can be seen at 11am on Monday 22 July. Shot much in the spirit of the stage play on which it’s based, Whedon’s version of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy was filmed in his Santa Monica mansion in just 12 days. Though retaining much of Shakespeare’s original dialogue, its more flowery corners have been rounded off in deference to modern (and younger ears), making it a pacey and amusing film that even Shakespeare-phobes will find engaging. 

Admission to the parent/carer and baby screenings is £6.50, with the baby going free. No baby, no entry. Tickets can be bought on the day or booked in advance by calling Box Office on 01604 624811, or online at Further parent and baby screenings will be announced soon. Check with the Box Office or online for details.

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