New documentary season for EFF


Among the highlights of our new film programme on sale from Friday 19 July is a season of the very best new documentaries from around the world. 

A new documentary will be screened at the cinema every Monday until the end of August, beginning with We Steal Secrets, an incisive investigation of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. And one of two screenings of The Moo Man, the heart-warming story of a maverick Sussex dairy farmer, will accompanied by our very first Director Q&A session.

 Another angle on the fraught relationship between humans and animals is explored in Blackfish, the cautionary story of killer whale Tilikum, who turned on his SeaWorld captors with devastating results. This gripping, emotionally wrenching film has been compared to Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man. There’ll be a chance to see The Act Of Killing, an extraordinary, hallucinatory documentary in which the perpetrators of the 1960s Indonesian genocide are persuaded to re-enact their killings, with a twist: they are performed in the style of their favourite Hollywood genre films.

In Les Invisibles Sebastien Lifshitz gives voice to eleven gay men and women over the age of 70 in a series of interviews that explore their lives with touching and life-affirming results. And our last documentary for August, When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun is a remarkably even-handed look at the movement to free Tibet from Chinese occupation.

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