Hawking with live satellite Q&A at EFF

Hawking 1000x407a

Our screening of Hawking on Thursday 19 September will be accompanied by a Q&A session live by satellite from Cambridge hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy, with a panel including members of Professor Stephen Hawking’s family, eminent scientists, the film’s director, and, we hope, a very special guest.

Landmark bio-documentary Hawking is an intimate and inspiring documentary portrait of the extraordinary life and times of Stephen Hawking, told in his own words. Given unprecedented personal access to the physicist, filmmaker Stephen Finnigan delves into Hawking’s memories of  his student days, recounts his astonishing scientific discoveries, and details his struggle against Motor Neurone Disease, with which Hawking, now 71, was first diagnosed at age 21.

Hawking’s complex scientific findings are explained to a lay audience through dynamic animations, accompanied by his descriptions; there are dramatic reconstruction of key events in his life and career, archival footage, and revealing interviews with friends and family.

The panel for the Q&A session will include director Stephen Finnigan, Professor Kip Thorne, Stephen’s first wife Dr Jane Hawking, his sister Dr Mary Hawking, his children Lucy and Tim Hawking, Professor Walt Woltosz and Professor Peter Higgs. We hope that Professor Stephen Hawking himself will also be able to join us in this very special live satellite link-up. 

Hawking is screened on Thursday 19 September at 7.20pm. Tickets are priced at £7.50 each, £6.50 concessions and £5 for children aged 14 and under.

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