Friends of the Earth go apian for bee movie

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Kettering Borough Councillor and former Mayor of Kettering Jim Hakewill will join Northants Friends of the Earth  – in giant bee costumes – in support of our screening of More Than Honey, the acclaimed documentary on the bee crisis by Oscar-nominated Markus Imhoof, on Monday 7 October at 6.15pm.

The multi-award winning film tells a provocative yet touching tale of what might happen if our bees became extinct. It takes a fascinating, in-depth look at the intricate honeybee colonies, examining what is behind the current bee crisis and why we rely on bees for so many things. Imhoof has described More Than Honey as “Chaplin’s Modern Times as told by bees”. The Washington Post praised its ‘Gorgeous cinematography and fascinating details about bees’ complex behavior and anatomy’.   

The film is narrated by legendary actor – and keen gardener – John Hurt, who says, Like a lot of people, I didn’t realise the threat to bees worldwide, and their importance had never occurred to me. But it’s something mankind should be concerned about, because it’s very important for the planet. We do tend to behave so often in the most cavalier way.” 

In recent years many species of British bee have been declining, placing the country’s food supply and economy under threat. Research by Friends of the Earth shows that without bees, it would cost the UK at least £1.8 billion every year to hand-pollinate our crops. The Bee Cause Campaign has secured a promise from Government that it will draw up a Bee Action Plan to save British bees. 

Northants Friends of the Earth have been holding campaign stalls across the county calling for a strong National Bee Plan, and finding areas to seed as wild flower meadow “Bee Worlds”. Northants co-ordinator Alan Heath said: “We are really pleased to support More Than Honey because it raises awareness of the plight of bees. Everyone in Northants can do their bit for bees. Even a small number of wildflowers or herbs in a window-box can provide food for bees and help them thrive.” 

During his term as Mayor of the Borough of Kettering from 2012 to 2013, Cllr Jim Hakewill raised awareness of the decline in the number of bees, butterflies and other insects with his “Bringing the Bee Back to the Borough” campaign.  He handed out 2,000 complimentary cards with a small packet of “bee friendly” wildflower seeds on at events that he and his wife Christine attended through their mayoral year. Cllr Hakewill said, “I am delighted that this amazing film is being screened here in Northampton.   Any publicity around the plight of the bee, and other pollinators, will keep people focused on finding ways to improve our understanding of this major problem of declining numbers”

More Than Honey is screened at Errol Flynn Filmhouse on Monday 7 October at 6.15pm, with a Friends of the Earth stall to raise awareness of the Bee Cause campaign at the cinema before and after the film.

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