Trading Places

1983| 15| 116 mins| / /

Screening Dates:
Fri 22 December 6:15pm

Screening as part of Mayorflix – a series of movies chosen by the Mayor of Northampton, shown in support of Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund, a local Northampton charity in memory of Alfie Thomas, that works to highlight awareness of DIPG/ Paediatric Brain Tumours and raise vital funds for research.

Tickets are £12, including a donation to Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund. Ticket holders will receive a complimentary mince pie and a mulled wine or soft drink.

Director: John Landis
Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis

After arguing whether great men are the product of nature of nurture, two super-rich siblings decide to settle the argument by constructing a cruel experiment in social Darwinism. Observing the results of their actions from a distance, they arrange to have the managing director of their commodities brokerage fired from his job and cast of out of his elite social circle, whilst advancing the prospects of a small-time street hustler who has been arrested for suspected robbery.

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