The Seasons In Quincy: Four Portraits Of John Berger

2017| 12A| 90 mins|

Screening Dates:
Mon 28 August 6:30pm
Wed 30 August 8:30pm

Directors: Bartek Dziadosz, Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth, Tilda Swinton
Cast: John Berger, Tilda Swinton

John Berger was one of the most revered writers and broadcasters of the 20th century. The author of many groundbreaking works, including Ways Of Seeing, A Seventh Man and Pig Earth, he has touched the lives of millions, across multiple generations, with his fascinating worldview.

The Seasons In Quincy: Four Portraits Of John Berger is the result of a five-year project by Tilda Swinton and Colin MacCabe to produce a portrait of this fascinating figure and celebrate his ideas, his art and the man himself. The four essay films combine different aspects of Berger’s life in the Haute-Savoie with ideas and motifs from his work amid the reflective atmosphere of his mountain home. Each film was created as an individual work of art but viewed together form a beautifully paced and meditative feature-length documentary that demonstrates how film can move beyond text and art to offer a multifaceted and multilayered portrait of an extraordinary human being.

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