Loving Vincent

2017| 12A| 150 mins| /

Screening Dates:
Mon 9 October 7:00pm
Fri 13 October 8:45pm
Sat 14 October 2:30pm
Mon 16 October 8:45pm
Tue 17 October 6:30pm
Wed 18 October 2:15pm
Wed 18 October 8:45pm
Thu 19 October 6:15pm

Director: Hugh Welchman,Dorota Kobiela
Cast: Douglas Booth, Aidan Turner, Helen McCrory,  Saoirse Ronan, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jerome Flynn, Chris O’Dowd

The screening on Mon 9 October at 7pm includes a live satellite Q&A with the cast and filmmakers, from the film’s premiere at the National Gallery.

First shot as a live action film, and then hand-painted over frame-by-frame in oils, this stunning animation brings Vincent van Gogh’s artwork to life in the world’s first fully painted film.

Postman Joseph Roulin (Chris O’Dowd), loyal friend to Vincent finds out that his friend shot himself somewhere up North. He has in his possession a letter from Vincent to his beloved brother, Theo, which was returned as undeliverable. On hearing the news about Vincent he sends his hot-blooded son, Armand Roulin (Douglas Booth), on a mission to deliver the letter by hand to Theo and find out what really happened to Vincent.

Armand is a reluctant detective, not much caring for his father’s erratic erstwhile drinking companion. After having witnessed Vincent on the night he cut off his ear Armand can all too easily imagine the unstable Vincent taking his own life. But his father insists, so he heads to Paris.


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