Ice And The Sky

2015| U| 89 mins|

Screening Dates:
Sat 28 October 12:00pm

Transition Town Film Festival
Transition is a national movement, which is about transforming the community to make it more self-reliant and sustainable. Join us on Sat 28 October for their first film festival, with two screenings that highlight global climate change, The Island President and Ice And The Sky, along with lively conversation and debate. Be part of your community as it comes together to re-imagine and rebuild for the future.

Tickets for each screening are £2.50 each for adults, with accompanied children (Under 16) free. There will be a debate taking place at 2pm between the screenings – this is free entry when you book for either film but you will need to reserve your seat – click here to book your place.

Director: Luc Jacquet

In English and French with English subtitles

Oscar-winning filmmaker Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins) tells the inspiring story of Claude Lorius, an 82-year-old glaciologist who has dedicated his life to studying the icescapes of Antarctica.

His groundbreaking discoveries would sound the alarm for the global warming crisis and expose humankind’s devastating impact on the Earth’s climate. In Ice and the Sky, Jacquet joins Lorius as he journeys to Antarctica one final time, 60 years after first setting foot on the continent.

Accompanied by breathtaking landscape photography and a fascinating array of archival footage from his many expeditions, Lorius reflects on his life’s work – the great successes and the punishing hardships suffered during his decades on the ice.

Both a powerful call-to-action on climate change and a forceful rebuke to those in denial, Ice And The Sky is an essential and profoundly human portrait of one man’s dedication to uncovering the secrets of the planet at the heart of a frozen world.



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