2016| 12A| 101 mins| /

Screening Dates:
Tue 27 February 9:00pm
Thu 1 March 6:15pm

Director: Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
Cast : Stefan Denolyubov, Margita Gosheva, Ana Bratoeva

In Bulgarian with English subtitles

Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov’s follow-up to The Lesson a social parable about a humble man who gets unwillingly promoted, and ends up sacrificed.

Railway linesman Tsanko Petrov (Denolyubov) discovers millions of lev on the train tracks. When he reports the money rather than pocketing it, his co-workers label him the “fool of the nation,” but the Ministry of Transport—currently embroiled in a scandal—takes the opportunity to parade their new hero. Little do they know that Tsanko suffers from a debilitating stutter and might not be a PR person’s dream of an example of Bulgarian honesty and responsibility to parade on TV.

But compared to the intense and driven Julia Staikov (Gosheva from The Lesson), he’s an angel. When Julia removes his watch—a Russian-made Slava (Glory), inscribed and presented to him by his father—for the ceremony to present him with an improved digital model, it sets off a chain of events that threatens to bring down the Ministry thanks to a combination of corruption, irresponsibility and arrogance..

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