Film Northants 2015

Film Northants 2015

We’re delighted to welcome Film Northants back this year as they present a two day film festival this autumn showcasing the work of county filmmakers.

This year Award-winning movie competition Film Northants  will expand into a weekend-long festival featuring horror, thriller, drama, family and community shorts plus feature length films.

The event will include the established awards ceremony for the annual Film Northants competition of five minute short films, in the Under 16s and Over 16s categories.

The festival will take place Sat 10 – Sun 11 October and tickets will be on sale soon.

Officially launching the festival today Dr Lily Canter, festival chair, said: “We are now in our eighth year and can see that the appetite for making and watching films in the county is growing and growing.”

“We are responding to the filmmaking community which is making a diverse range of short, not-so-short and feature length films and giving all of these films an opportunity to shine, rather than just the under five minute films.”

“Errol Flynn Filmhouse have been a fantastic support and have provided us with a state of the art, luxurious cinema and the freedom to put together an eclectic but impressive two day programme of films.”

Martin Sutherland, Chief Executive of the Errol Flynn Filmhouse, added: “We’re delighted to be hosting the Film Northants Festival and awards ceremony for a second year, and look forward to seeing it expanded into a whole weekend of screenings, celebrating the wealth of local talent there is in film-making.”

Following the successful partnership between Film Northants Festival and the Errol Flynn Filmhouse, the new event will be a mixture of competition and out-of-competition films to be screened over the weekend.

The deadline for competition films is August 2 and the deadline for out-of-competition films is June 28. 

One of this year’s guest judges and previous contestant, Alex Motlhabane of The Rest, said: “I’m pretty excited to see how it has all grown. The expansion is a good step forward for Film Northants because it gives the competition another leg. It will be great as a festival.”

Festival chair Dr Canter added: “Each year we have responded to filmmakers by adding more categories and adjusting our criteria whilst maintaining our objective to promote filmmaking talent in the county. We are always open to new ideas and are delighted that filmmakers and audiences have so warmly embraced what we are trying to achieve.”

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Competition films

  1. Maximum length of film is five minutes (not one second over)
  2. The film must be shot in Northamptonshire
  3. A film may be submitted by a group or individual
  4. Only one entry per group or individual is allowed into the competition
  5. The film must be an original piece of work and copyright must be obtained for images or music by other artists
  6. The film must be made after July 28th 2014
  7. The film must be uploaded to You Tube or Vimeo and must be public (so we can embed on our website)
  8. Films in the Under 16s and Over 16s category may be any genre
  9. Each film will be judged on its own merit and age and experience will be taken into consideration
  10. The deadline for entries is noon August 2nd 2015

Out of competition films

  1. The film may be any genre
  2. The film may be shot on any location
  3. The film may be any length (we will consider feature films)
  4. The film must be made by Northamptonshire film-makers
  5. The film must be entered via the above submission form
  6. Selected out of competition films will be screened at Errol Flynn Filmhouse at the annual Film Northants Festival
  7. The Film Northants scheduling committee is responsible for selecting films for the festival
  8. The deadline for the 2015 festival is noon June 28th 2015
  9. The films must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo – please include any passwords in the synopsis box
  10. You may enter more than one film into the out of competition section and you may also enter one film into the in competition section

For information contact: [email protected]

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