Errol’s return to Northampton captured on camera


Elizabeth Cox has very kindly sent us a photograph taken by her late father Bert, showing Errol Flynn at Sywell Airport, Northamptonshire.

Errol certainly cuts a dash in a dark suit, striding away from a twin-engined Airspeed Consul on Sywell’s grassy landing strip. On the left of the picture, his wife, Warner Bros contract star Patrice Wymore, clutches her hat against the wind, which appears to have left her husband entirely unruffled. Wymore  starred opposite Flynn in the 1950 western Rocky Mountain, and they married and moved to Jamaica in the same year. Their daughter, Arnella Flynn, was born in Rome in 1953.

We think that the picture was taken around 1953 to 1954, possibly on a return visit to the Royal Theatre. We’d be very glad to hear from anyone who might have any more information about the occasion, or the identity of the other people in the picture.

Our thanks to Robert Florczak for the incredibly detailed information in his comment below.



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