A Summer of Cinema for families at EFF


In addition to a packed schedule of world, art house and mainstream cinema, we’ve programmed a great selection of family films for the second season of the summer at Errol Flynn Filmhouse. And our Summer Holiday Ticket Offer on all family films (£10 for one adult and one child) makes it even easier for you to enjoy the latest releases together, in air-conditioned comfort!

Opening the new season, eye-popping animated sequel Despicable Me 2 finds reformed scoundrel Gru (Steve Carrell) recruited by the Anti-Villain League, putting paid to his hopes of a quiet family life. Prehistoric family man Grug (Nicolas Cage) is forced to reconsider his approach to parenting when rebellious daughter Eep (Emma Stone) begins exploring the world outside their cave in The Croods, a beautifully realised Dreamworks animation.

 In Epic, another strong-willed young hero, M.K. (Amanda Seyfried) finds herself in the midst of a battle between the Queen of the Forest and the nature-hating Boggans. The battle between good and evil continues in Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, when the young demigod must fight an army of zombies in the quest for the Golden Fleece. Monsters of a more friendly variety, Sully and Mike are the subject of the first ever Pixar prequel, as we find them learning their craft at Monsters University.

 Family films for August are shown in a choice of 2D and 3D screenings. Our new programme also includes exclusive Parent and Baby screenings of Superman reboot Man Of Steel (Monday 5 August, 11am) and all-star crime caper Now You See Me (Monday 19 August, 11am). Tickets are £6.50, and baby goes free (no baby, no entry!) Children’s drinks are available alongside the outstanding selection of continental beers, wine, soft drinks and delicious snacks at the cinema’s bar.

 Our Summer Holiday Ticket Offer (£10 for 1 adult and 1 child aged 14 or under) is available on all screenings of Despicable Me 2, The Croods, Monsters University, Epic and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. Extra children’s tickets are available at the usual price of £5.

 More details on our Family programme can be found here: http://www.errolflynnfilmhouse.com/film-categories/family/

  • practicalpam

    Does your Summer Holiday Ticket Offer include films shown in 3D? Do you provide or sell 3D glasses? Thank you.

    • ErrolFlynnFilmhouse

      Hi Pam

      We charge the same price for 2D and 3D screenings, and the offer is available for both formats, across all five Family films in the new season.

      Our 3D glasses are “active”, as opposed to the disposable cardboard “passive” type. They have LCD lenses that alternately open and shut to display a different image to each eye at a time, synchronised with the images on the cinema screen via infra-red signals (phew!). This gives the best 3D image quality possible.

      They’re supplied free of charge, to be returned at the end of the film. If you’d rather not watch in 3D, each film is also being screened in 2D.

      Thanks for your question, and we hope to see you soon!

      Best regards

      The EFF team

  • Hnd Theatre-practice

    Will you be considering a ‘loyalty’ ticket for supporters of the cinema? Or a monthly subscription scheme? I think this would be very popular, and would be great for your loyal supporters!

    • ErrolFlynnFilmhouse

      Hi Sarah

      Apart from special offers like our Summer Holiday Ticket Offer, we don’t have plans to run a loyalty scheme or introduce a monthly pass at the moment – it’s difficult to do so with only one screen and 88 seats.

      Thanks for your question,

      Best wishes

      The EFF team

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